Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26


Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, which is run by the Centre for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organization of the City District Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz, started its activities in 1993. As its name suggests it is located on avenue Sokolská 26 on the first floor of a historic villa. Its dramaturgy presents significant and indisputable art personalities that create and uphold the concept of the contemporary Czech art scene. Not only works by many leading Czech and foreign artists are presented there but also group exhibitions of mostly young artists from different regions are organised here. The curator of the exhibitions is ing. Milan Weber.


Free entry to expositions


Meeting Hans Ulrich

Creative workshops for kids in authentic environment of Hans Ulrich’s villa.


Painting for kids

Fun and interactive show for children and adults with an illustrator of children books Adolf Dudek.

Drawing, humour, techniques, competitions, attractions and of course autograph signing.


Face painting


Paintwalking at Sokolská

Fun workshop for all lovers of alternative genres of arts and crafts of all ages. Together we’ll create a collective painting and small pieces of art. Those that are brave enough to play and experiment are especially welcome.


Legendy se vrací

(Club Parník)

A group of well-coordinated musicians, who will play hits known perhaps to all generations in their interpretations. We will see and hear a brilliant guitar magician Andonis Civopulos, Petr Šiška (lyricist, presenter), Roman “Izzi” Izaiáš (charismatic leader of a rock band Doga) and also Libor Pyšek (a drummer well-known from many jazz groups).

Price is 50 CZK / booking https://parnik.koupitvstupenku.cz/


Counting sheep with Esther Stocker

Relaxation workshop for adults inspired by works of an Austrian conceptual artist Esther Stocker.


Current exhibitions:

Esther Stocker (1974)

26th May – 15th July 2016

An Austrian artist of Italian descent Esther Stocker studied in Vienna, Milan, and Pasadena (USA). Her art production – paintings, objects, installations, videos, photos and architectural works comes from geometrical abstraction. She puts geometrical order founded on regular structure and principle of randomness based on distorting this structure into opposition. These contrasts create special tension in her works.


Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26
Sokolská třída 26
702 00 Ostrava
Phone number: +420 596 138 937