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Alliance Française Ostrava presentation

Alliance Française Ostrava is a non-profit organisation with its seat in the centre of Ostrava. It helps to spread French language and francophone culture in the Moravian-Silesian Region and this night it will present its cultural and pedagogical activities in an accessible manner.


Basics of French

Alliance Française invites you to a lesson of French for beginners. Our lecturers will help you learn basic phrases thanks to which you can handle simple communication when you next visit France. We’ll advise on ordering in restaurants, shopping or asking somebody for the way.


“Tour de France” through regions of France

Lectures with tasting of some of the French delicacies. Want to know the most interesting places of France? Please accept our invitation to a little “Tour de France” during which you’re going to fall in love with this country. The atmosphere of the Czech-French evening will be supplemented by degustation of some of local delicacies.


Alliance Française Ostrava
Na Hradbách 12, Ostrava 1, 702 00 Ostrava
Phone number: +420 596 125 424