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Organised and guided tour Coal circuit

A commented tour of an industrial area that is unique in Europe, where making of raw iron was replaced by alternative education, culture, art, and fun. The tour will take you through the area of a former black coal mine Hlubina and on a very attractive visit to the mining tower. You will get to know everything about coal mining and its transformation into coke and its use in connection to the blast furnace. Part of the new route is also a presentation of newly reconstructed objects in the area that serve as a cultural-social quarter called Provoz Hlubina (Service Hlubina). The last tour starts at 23.00.


Blast furnace with the extension circuit

Be lifted to the Bolt Tower and discover production of raw iron. You will experience unusual adrenaline burst on the tower extension with a great view of night Ostrava with a possibility of visiting the Bolt Café. The last tour starts at 23.00.



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