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Landek Park with the biggest mine exposition in Czech Republic

Presents a unique pack of respiratory technology capturing its development from 1883 up to now. Skilled mine paramedics will present the guests with technologies and experiences of rescue events in underground. Tour of heavy mining machinery will be featured. The last tour starts at 23.00.


Mine exposition with going down the mine shaft in an original mine cage.

Guests will witness the feelings of miners from the moment when they arrive at the shaft, including having changed in the chain cloak rooms and going down the shaft up to getting to their respective mine locations. Guests can also try travelling to distant work locations in the original mine trolleys designed for transport of people in the mine, which are pulled by a functional mine locomotive. On 250 metres of underground corridors you will see how experienced miners and guides present physically demanding work in mines including a hands-on of a manual and a functional plough and a combine working face. The last tour starts at 23.00.


Landek Park
Pod Landekem 64, 725 29 Ostrava-Petřkovice
Phone number: +420 602 532 414