PLATO – Platform (for the contemporary art) Ostrava

The Gallery of Ostrava


PLATO is a way to meet the contemporary art in various forms and places.  PLATO represents works of contemporary Czech and foreign artists and in its supporting programme Parallel Mission it sets the contemporary art into a broader context of contemporary culture in a widened field of other artistic genres such as literature, music, theatre, and dance. It also offers educational programmes for schools and teachers and programmes for families with children.

Enlighten Me!


Pavel Pepperštejn (RU): MEMORY IS OVER

Free entry to the exhibition.

18.30, 19.30 a 20.30

Drama in the gallery with Sylvie Krupanská and Jan Vlas

Staged (and partly improvised) walks through exposition MEMORY IS OVER with popular actors


Interactive light installation



Making little mirrors with own motives, which will be used in the light installation

Creating original lanterns, lamps, and disco balls

City at night: large format image created throughout the night

Light objects: Huge shades in front of Gong

Hipster workshop


Origami workshop – light objects


Origami parachutes – balcony airdrop

Traditional common throwing of origami parachutes or flakes from the 1st floor of Gong.


Cannon ball or a soundmachine (for courageous only)

Group balloon burst of inflatable balloons in front of Gong, which will terminate PLATO programme.


PLATO – Platform (for the contemporary art) Ostrava, The Gallery of Ostrava
Multifunctional auditorium Gong, The Lower Area of Vítkovice, Ruská 2993, Ostrava-Vítkovice

Phone number: +420 702 093 950, +420 595 953 211