Ostrava Transport Company, Workshops Martinov


Ostrava Transport Company traditionally opens the Workshops Martinov, where majority of the historical trams are located, to the public visitors of Ostrava Museum Night. However, on this occasion more historical vehicles and thematic objects from the city transport collection will also be on display.


Opening the depositary

A step-free tram shuttle service will be operating for the Ostrava Museum Night guests between “Dílny DP Ostrava” street car stop and the exposition of the Transport company’s historical vehicles (in the Workshops Martinov compound).

Walking through the compound will not be allowed.

Riding historical vehicles in 2016

  • 9th July, 30th July, 20th August – Cruises by historical trolleybuses on the route Ostrava – Most Pionýrů – Zoo
  • 3rd September – Doors Open Day celebrating 115 years of electric trams and 90 years of rails in the Porubka valley in Area Martinov and bus garages in Poruba with sightseeing rides
  • 10th September – “European Heritage Day” – rides in historical trolleybuses on the route Ostrava – Michálkovice
  • 24th September – “The Railroad Day” – sightseeing tours through the city centre in historical street cars
  • 3rd December – St. Nicholas Day – tours around Hrabůvka in historical street cars

Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s.
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