Ostrava City Library, contributory organization




Librarian Night’s Dream (Individual departments of the central Ostrava City Library)

Enter the magical forest, where dreams come true and the reality is but a dream. Or become a poet for a moment and move through a time hole to the times of brave knights and beautiful dames. An adventurous track in the basements full of books that are open only at this night is also waiting for you! Can we hope for the famous balcony scene? Shakespeare’s night in the library will be full of surprises, competitions, games, and fun for kids and adults, both light-heartedly and seriously.


As You Like It (OCL Social Hall)

Extraordinary musical and theatre mix. You can look forward to quality folk music and attractive theatre:


Netřesk Theatre and Jiří Neduha


Dodivadlo Dobroslavice


Female drumming group Luna


Open Mic Ostrava scene with the guest of the evening Ivo Cicvárek


The Globe – Tastes of the whole world (central CMO corridor)

The corridor will change into a route across cultures. Get to know various countries and nations, their culture, habits, and traditions. Taste their cuisine!

18.00 and 20.00

Wonderful life of Jules Verne (Study hall of Ostrava City Library)

Discussion about the mysterious life and works of a world-famous poet and a playwright W. Shakespeare. Presented by Bohdan Volejníček alias BoboKing and accompanied by excerpts from books and movies.


Traditionally or non-traditionally but dramatically nonetheless! (Individual departments of the central Ostrava City Library)

We also offer the ordinary services in not-so-ordinary times and costumes.

The whole event takes place only in the headquarters of OCL (at 28. října Street). In co-operation with the Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners of the Moravian-Silesian Region. More info can be found on our OCL website.


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